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My name is Kenny. I was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and have lived here my whole life. My parents and grandparents are Scottish, and tracing back my ancestors, without trying DNA searches, my family lines are recorded back to the 1720`s (so far). During my younger years, we always holidayed in Scotland. One of my very first summer holidays was when I was 14 months old in Millport, a town on The Island of Great Cumbrae. After 5 days of crying, and my parents realising I wasn`t just homesick, I was diagnosed by a local doctor as having an appendix on the verge of bursting, which would have been fatal at that age. I was immediately flown by helicopter to the Southern General Hospital, in Glasgow, and had it removed just in time. I think I`m still the youngest person in Scotland to have had the operation. This, however, did nothing to deter me from revisiting many of our spectacular Scottish Islands, mountains,and lochs, and have thoroughly enjoyed many more experiences throughout our stunning country. My memories of Scotland in glorious sunshine , inspired me to show everyone our beautiful Scottish Views in sunshine with blue skies. Tough job you may think , but there are very few days of the year that it`s not sunny somewhere in Scotland . When I was young growing up in Scotland, it was sometimes hot enough to write our initials in the melted tarmac at the side of the road with our ice lolly sticks.

All the photographs are 100% genuine, with no digital layering to add skies or backgrounds whatsoever.

scottishviews.com, and,  scottishviews.co.uk , is a photographic site showing views which can actually be experienced by everyone visiting our country, without the use of drones , or too much climbing . The pictures on the website have had the resolution softened to prevent unlawful reproduction, and have the usual copyright protection. The high quality images used for printing, are at full resolution, shot using full frame professional Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras , and with a minimum of 36 - 45 million pixels.

The prints , canvases , and other products available on the site , are printed to the very highest possible quality available today .

If you have any old picture frames, or pictures in the attic you no longer use, we can customise any photograph to fit your exact measurements. We can also provide framed pictures, incorporating, unbreakable, non-reflective, crystal styrene glass. Signed pictures are also available.

Prices will vary for multiple purchases. If anyone is looking to produce a cluster of pictures of varying shapes and sizes for a wall display, you will have to phone for details. In these cases, I am happy to include any of your family portraits or pictures within the cluster.

I currently have over 37,000 Scottish Views photographs available, but decided to keep the pictures on the website to a minimum . Should anyone wish a picture of a particular place, I`ll happily post them onto the website, on request.

Thank you for visiting Scottish Views