Overtoun Falls , next to Overtoun House

I visited the area around Overtoun House in August 2018. While standing on the bridge at the avenue next to the main house, I could hear the sound of a waterfall beneath me. I decided to explore further as the trees were obscuring my view. There is a path leading north at the west end of the bridge. About 200 metres up the path, there is another path going off to the right which has a metal framed kissing gate half way down the slope. I made my way down this path which leads under the arch of the bridge. There`s no way down to the falls on the upstream side of the bridge. Eventually after searching around, I found a possible way down. It was a bit risky, but I decided to try and slide down the almost vertical muddy bank, holding onto trees on the way down, at a part where there were pebbles at the river`s edge giving me something to land on at the bottom. The mossy rocks in the river were too slippery to use as stepping stones, and there is no way upstream on the west bank. However, I eventually managed to cross the river without getting too wet. On the opposite bank, I made my way back upstream, under the bridge, and through a very mossy, tangled jungle, until I eventually got to the source of the noise from the waterfall. It was very dark under the tree canopy, so the picture is quite a long time exposure, held still by balancing my camera on a rock. I wouldn`t necessarily recommend any visitors try to get to this spot, but it is worth it if you do.

The first image is a 16x9 frame size ratio (like a computer or modern TV screen shape) the second image is 3x2 frame size ratio, and can be used for most picture frames, including all "A SIZE" frames. The price shown is for a 3 feet/90cm gloss or satin print, protected in tissue paper and sent in a solid cardboard tube, and includes UK delivery and VAT.

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Overtoun Burn Waterfall

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