If you`re thinking this is a slightly lucky picture, you`d be right. A photograph like this may only happen once in a photographer`s lifetime. I had, however been through to Edinburgh about 40 times approaching the completion of the bridge`s construction.

I had spent the day all round North Queensferry, taking various angles of the bridges, as you do.

I had been up on the hill shooting some time-lapse pictures, when we saw the final piece of bridge section being hoisted off the barge.

I had been around the Sea Life Centre at North Queensferry quite few times, and nearby there is a view I had stood at many times during the earlier phases of construction.

When I saw the road section start to rise, I thought, I know where I`m going. 

As I arrived at this view, the sun came out. I took several pictures, many of them including the slipway of the lifeboat station. Then I realised the sun was coming across the sky towards the gap in the bridge, so I ran to the end of the bluff, leaned out over the water, and stretched the camera out 1-handed as far as I dared. I set "continuous high" on the camera, taking loads of pictures, purely guessing  where the camera was pointing, and trying to keep the horizon level, hoping for a shot like this one. The road section was hoisted just high enough to be able to see it clearly above the far bank. I wanted to get the 3 cranes at the top of the supports in the picture, and that worked out too. The reflection of the sun in the water bouncing light up onto the underside of the bridge and the section being raised was pure luck.

Someone said it looks as though they had to lower part of the bridge to let the sun through. As if they hadn`t allowed for the sun during planning !

Sometimes a few lucky things come together, and combine with a bit of Scottish History.

The first image is a 16x9 frame size ratio ( like a computer or current TV screen shape ) the second image is 3x2 frame size ratio, and can be used for most picture frames, including all "A SIZE" frames.    The price shown is for a 3 feet/ 90cm gloss or satin print, protected in tissue paper and sent in a solid cardboard tube,  and includes UK delivery and VAT. 

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Forth Road Bridge Last Piece

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