This is a Scottish View I haven`t seen on any other websites before.

I took this picture in late Autumn. I had been to all the usual places around Loch Awe many times to photograph Kilchurn Castle, in many different weather conditions, and at many different times of year. On this day, for a change, I put a big telephoto lens on my camera, and went for a wander into the woodland area around the north of the loch, and tried to get as far back as possible. When I got to this view, Kilchurn Castle and Kilchurn Suites were hidden by the trees in the foreground of the picture. I had been all over the area trying to get them both in the same picture, and I had got really frustrated by all the angles being blocked, so when I found a silver birch tree in about the right place,  that looked like I might be able to climb high enough to see over the trees, I went for it. About 20 feet up, there was a big enough gap in the branches to get this picture through it.

The first image is a 16x9 frame size ratio (like a computer or current TV screen shape) the second image is 3x2 frame size ratio, and can be used for most picture frames, including all "A SIZE" frames. The price shown is for a 3 feet/90cm gloss or satin print, protected in tissue paper and sent in a solid cardboard tube, and includes UK delivery and VAT. 

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Kilchurn Castle and The Kilchurn Suites Hotel

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