Taken in February 2018, just after sunset.

Loch Ba is 1 of the most loved, and photographed lochs in Scotland.

This picture is taken just as the sun slipped behind the mountain. I took others previously with the sun in them, but the foreground was way too dark.

Waiting for cover was the only way to get the detail I wanted, but I almost froze, despite having loads of warm clothing on. 2 pairs of thick socks, warm waterproof hiking boots, a thick woollen hat, and thermals, etc.

Despite Scotland looking beautiful in the sunshine in winter, the temperature drops like a stone once it has gone. Even when it`s still out, the wind chill in places like this can really catch people out. It is especially dangerous when you are surrounded by high mountains, as you don`t see the weather changing until it is right on top of you.

The first image is a 16x9 frame size ratio ( like a computer screen shape ) the second image is 3x2 frame size ratio, and can be used for most picture frames, including all "A SIZE" frames.    The price shown is for a 3 feet/ 90cm gloss or satin print, protected in tissue paper and sent in a solid cardboard tube,  and includes UK delivery and VAT. 

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Loch Ba winter sunset

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