Everyone who has seen this pictures mentions the blue boat having a character-type look.

You can imagine it being in a children`s cartoon, like a Thomas the Tank Engine type show.

This picture is taken from the side of the lobster shop, made more famous when Rick Stein visited it for his TV Series. 

I switched the camera to HDR to brighten the shadow area of the lobster pots, as the first pictures were very dark in this area, and they had lost a lot of definition. This usually results in a double exposure shake effect, but this shot turned out very sharp. Crail Harbour, I later discovered, was painted by my mum many years ago, and the cobble stones were 1 of the features of her painting, which I was glad I included. I also wanted there to be no cars in the picture to make it a bit more timeless.

The first image is a 16x9 frame size ratio ( like a computer or current TV screen shape ) the second image is 3x2 frame size ratio, and can be used for most picture frames, including all "A SIZE" frames.    The price shown is for a 3 feet/ 90cm gloss or satin print, protected in tissue paper and sent in a solid cardboard tube,  and includes UK delivery and VAT. 

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Isle of May from Crail Harbour

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